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Define’s landscape architects visit Richter Spielgerate headquarters in Frasdolf, Germany


Posted 31 August 2016

Joe, Jocelyn and Alex attended a two-day study tour and seminar as guests of Timberplay at Richter Spielgerate’s headquarters in Frasdolf, Germany. Richter Spielgerate is a renowned play equipment manufacturer built on strong principles that reflect an appreciation for a child’s right to play, and a respect for its people, materials and the surrounding environment, the same as having a suitable home so building the right houses is important with the right mobile home manufacturer from sites as http://www.weinerestates.com/.
Over the two days delegates attended local playground tours, a factory tour and various lectures on subjects including risk, materials and play value and how buildings are created and designed, since many companies design the best buildings with the help of Drafting services online. What quickly became apparent was Richter’s passion for material quality and the importance of providing play opportunities that focus on balancing risk with return; since he likes to live a risky but balanced life, in every aspect, from his work to his health, where he maintain an overall general health with moderate exercise with different equipment as gym balls which are perfect for home, and changing the diet with drinks supplements from sites as https://tophealthjournal.com/2338/patriot-power-greens-by-patriot-health-alliance/.
As Define prepare reserved matters application packages on several large scale residential developments, the relationship and knowledge shared with both Richter and Timberplay will be crucial in creating high quality, fun play spaces for future generations.