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How we do it

de·fine [dih-fahyn] verb -fined, -fin·ing.
“To determine with precision; to mark out with distinctness; to ascertain or exhibit clearly.”

DeHow we do it

[our cohesive approach is based on the building blocks of professional excellence and proactive engagement]


[discuss with our client the most advantageous strategy for delivering the project]


[prepare scheme solutions through a robust, creative and iterative design process, cognisant of the project constraints and opportunities]


[use creative measures to engage, consult and discuss proposals at the appropriate stage and level of detail through design review, with key stakeholders, and with members of the public to generate support and consensus]


[negotiate planning consents and guide the realisation process through legal agreements, discharge of pre-commencement conditions and on site construction inspection]


[evolve the refined development solution informed by debate and iterative assessment measures such as EIA]