Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham


2009 — 2015




Birmingham City Council


Competition, Landscape masterplan and design through planning, 3D, Consultation, Detailed Design


RIBA stage 1-5

A new public square

Andy and Joe have worked in the Jewellery Quarter for years and the stand out moment was when they won an international design competition to design the Golden Square whilst working for their previous company Lovejoy, in 2009.

Golden Square was a new public square in the centre of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.  Following the successful winning entry, they prepared led the varied and extensive public and stakeholder consultation exercises, prepared the planning application and technical and construction design stages (and subsequently provided design continuation services whilst at Define).


The concept for the square was inspired by the worldwide connections this small part of Birmingham had in the 19th and 20th century, and how its unique and creative culture can be applied to this key central space to project the Jewellery Quarter on a worldwide stage once more. The square has been a great success and is used frequently for events in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter – creating a catalyst for the surrounding urban regeneration.