Bexhill, Rother District


2014 - 2019




Bovis Homes and Trinity College


Masterplanning, Landscape Planning, Landscape Design and Architecture

Inspired by Context

From the moment we viewed the site, our team could see this site was something special. Its rolling topography, historic barns, 1066 footpath link (which leads northwards to Battle)  and rich mature woodland setting gave us plenty of inspiration.

Character through Placemaking

Our approach to the site was to amplify its existing rich qualities, placing key uses and spaces where these can be most appreciated. We’re not supporters of a ‘character area’ approach to urban design. It has its place (largely where inspiration is lacking), but to our mind this method can over simplify how a wide range of built and natural features interweave to create character. In this case, we developed a Placemaking Strategy that focused on a series of ‘Places’, inspired by landscape or heritage: The Valley, the High Point, Roundacre, Upper and Lower Woodford Barns, which in turn interact with a variety of Street Types, Edges and Landmarks, all responding to key site features that collectively create a cohesive approach to character. Our open approach and appreciation of existing site features transformed relations with the LPA and Members, to creating goodwill and support.

Coding and Detailed Design

In due course an outline planning application for 1050 homes was approved, and this included both a built and landscape design code. Our involvement continued to include the detailed design of the first phase – allowing us to test the robustness of the agreed design code and establish a high quality first phase of development to set the tone for what comes thereafter. Full planning permission was duly achieved and construction activities are ongoing.

Project team