Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Surrey


2014 to present




Various Local Authorities




Planning Statemen, Consultation Statement, Alternative Site Assessment
, Green Belt Audit & Justification Statement


There is a very particular complexity in providing new crematoria; being both socially sensitive and commercially competitive, they can be the most contentious of developments.

Balancing the need to distance them from existing homes, but sufficiently close to existing communities to meet their needs, means that many sites are located on the edge of settlements where the landscape and environment are more sensitive to development.

We have provided an advisory role to help service providers to overcome planning obstacles mid application negotiation, as well as providing comprehensive planning consultancy services to achieve planning permission; coordinating strategy, assessment, scheme refinement, submission preparation, and negotiation.

We have been tasked with collating evidence to robustly justify site selection, development need, and environmental impact on highly sensitive landscapes, with the ultimate goal of creating calm and meaningful environments that enable mourners to pay respect to their loved ones and to their memorial.

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