Now more than ever we need planning to effectively facilitate the creation of new and revitalised places that address our society’s changing needs, whilst managing our delicate  relationship with the natural and historic environment, and rising to the challenge of climate change.

But successfully navigating the planning system is becoming ever more complex.

We use a cohesive approach that focusses on mediating the balance between social, economic and environmental interests to find sustainable opportunities, unlock challenging sites and deliver successful places.  Our blend of technical and creative perspectives offers both insight and inspiration.

We apply this approach to every project, regardless of size, form or function, because we know that planning is the key to enabling development of the right type and quality in the right location.

We recognise the importance of the process and the need to research, reflect and evolve in order to respond to changing planning practice and requirements, but our focus is ultimately on the outcomes: facilitating positive change over time to realise the aspirations of land interests alongside wider public benefits in our living and working environments.

Our approach

We identify, define and promote strategic and complex development proposals through both forward planning and development management to realise our client’s aspirations for their land interests by:

  • Providing insight and cogent advice in respect of national and local policy and standards, the socio-economic, political and environmental geography, and development strategy, need and supply matters.
  • Identifying a bespoke strategy and tactics to promote each individual project.
  • Reconciling a wide range of considerations and professional inputs in order to make balanced value judgements that shape and guide the project.
  • Defining the opportunity and demonstrating capacity and deliverability. 
  • Proactive stakeholder engagement and relationship building.
  • Managing risk and change to expedite positive outcomes. 
  • Providing representation through the Development Plan process to ensure a favourable policy context. 
  • Ensuring delivery through the development management process.


  • Site / opportunity identification and feasibility
  • Planning strategy and tactics
  • Visions and Masterplan promotion
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Development Plan Representations and Examinations
  • Socio-economic assessments
  • EIA Management
  • Planning application co-ordination and submission
  • Planning permission negotiation
  • Section 106 Agreement
  • Planning appeals and expert witness