Summer 2019 - Present




L&Q Estates/Hill Developments


Visioning, Large Scale Masterplanning, New Communities, Local Plan Promotion, Strategic Landscape Analysis


Vision Document, Local Plan Promotion

Inspired by landscape

The vision for Westley Green was to create a special and distinctive community that facilitates growth whilst meeting the grand challenges of the future. The approach has identified a series of masterplanning ‘rules’ that will allow development decisions to be made in a flexible manner in order to reach the best outcome. 

Our vision identified how growth can be accommodated providing an integrated new community located on the estate around the village of Six Mile Bottom and within distinct character areas that are defined by the prevailing landscape. The four character areas (Pastoral, Chalkland, Fenland and Lowland) provide a unique aspect to the development and create an exciting opportunity for development and green infrastructure to be designed together in composition.

The new community is proposed to be set within and amongst an expansive network of multi-functional and characterful green infrastructure which goes far beyond fulfilling formal public open space requirements to essentially be a necessity for future generations well-being and lifestyle requirements. The proposals will encourage active and healthy lives and an inclusive sense of community. 

Time and space

Careful thought was given to the provision of new jobs as well as new homes with the vision seeking to apply a ratio of 1 job per economically active person. Due to the scale of the site, a strategy of providing a main centre, positioned centrally within the site and three satellite local centres is proposed. The focus was to understand the important elements to allow a new community to thrive. 

The vision worked to a transitional reduction in reliance on the private car and so whilst a road network was understood to satisfy current mobility trends, the layering of a grid for active travel and future public transport modes is absolutely crucial as society’s mobility needs change. 

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