We believe that future growth should be planned and designed to create happy and healthy communities within beautiful and sustainable neighbourhoods.

Masterplanning is key to that, but at Define it’s not simply the preparation of a single plan or strategy.  It’s the reconciliation of a wide range of spatial and thematic influences to creatively manage constraints and promote sustainable solutions which shape the delivery of special places.  Distinct places that are inspired by the character and history of the landscape, intimately integrated with their context, and designed at their heart with a focus on how people will experience them.

We understand the big picture and our cohesive and creative approach is coupled with a proven understanding of delivery.  Our masterplans are robust and realisable, without compromising on their conceptual integrity or design ambition and draw from a combination of our planning, urban design and landscape capabilities.


We create and shape compelling and deliverable masterplans for the development of constrained and sensitive sites that realise our client’s aspirations for their land interests by:

  • Providing insight and cogent advice in respect of national and local policy and standards, the socio-economic, political and environmental geography, and development strategy, need and supply matters.  
  • Analysis of place to understand its qualities, history and possibilities.
  • Identifying key opportunities, and actively manage constraints.
  • Effectively communicating a compelling vision.
  • Reconciling a diverse range of professional inputs to shape the proposals.
  • Conceptually exploring and evaluating options with robust capacity testing.
  • Shaping and refining solutions in parallel with technical studies.
  • Using innovative public realm and landscape design to enhance the sense of place, identity and legibility.
  • Proactively engaging and collaborating with stakeholders.
  • Directing the planning and implementation process to ensure future delivery.


  • Site analysis / audit
  • Capacity / feasibility studies
  • Concept vision
  • Vision promotion
  • Development Framework Plans
  • Masterplans
  • Design and Access Statements