We believe that Landscape Architecture is both an art and a language. Landscape is the raw material within which human activity takes place and to be fully understood it demands an understanding of its evolution, history, community, spirit and spatial qualities. Our design is the creative response to its possibilities.

A successful landscape takes us away to another time, or shows us the present in a new light. It surrounds us by beauty, community and nature.  We are inspired by creatively shaping and designing landscapes; watching people living and playing in the places we help grow, brings us great joy.

This perspective enables us to see the big picture. Whether this is how change can sit in a regional landscape, how regeneration should be shaped around people’s lives and societal needs, or how parks, plazas, and streets enrich urban places.

Our work revolves around collaboration and the open exchange of ideas and possibilities, with clients, colleagues, stakeholders and communities to form new landscapes that function well and enable its users to inhabit and have a sense of ownership.

A good, simple idea can unlock the potential of a space. We value and nurture the imaginative ideas of our team through sketch work, internal presentations and going on field trips to enjoy the work of our contemporaries through the shared love of Landscape.

Our approach

We apply a creative and analytical approach to planning, designing and delivering change in the landscape at all scales, by:

  • Using innovative public realm and landscape design to enhance the sense of place, identity and legibility whilst maximising biodiversity and the human benefits of our designs
  • Undertaking an analysis of place to understand its qualities, history and possibilities,
  • Identifying key opportunities, and actively manage constraints;
  • Effectively communicating a compelling vision
  • Applying creative analytical tools to assess and communicate emerging ideas – both at a strategic and detailed scale
  • Reconciling a diverse range of professional inputs to shape the proposals;
  • Shaping and refining solutions in parallel with technical studies; 
  • Proactively engaging and collaborating with stakeholders;
  • Directing the planning and implementation process to ensure future delivery.


  • Conceptual ideas
  • Sketch design
  • Green Infrastructure design and landscape led masterplanning
  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments
  • Landscape Statements, Landscape Design Code chapters and Design & Access Statements
  • Detailed landscape information for planning
  • Tender documentation and construction drawings
  • Detailed planting design and management advice
  • 3D Animation and visuals
  • 3D modelling and augmented reality