Fakenham, Norfolk


2013 — present




Trinity College Cambridge


Planning, Masterplanning & Landscape Architecture


Development Brief, EIA, Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment, Design & Access Statement, Green Infrastructure Strategy, & Design Code

As North Norfolk’s appeal as a holiday destination continues to rise, so too does the pressure to provide enough homes for local people.

Grove Gardens stems from an aspiration to support the sustainable growth of Fakenham, a provincial town an hour south of the Norfolk Coast AONB. Our comprehensive masterplan and Development Brief demonstrated how the site could provide mixed use expansion at the northern edge of the town, to support its successful promotion and allocation in the Local Plan.

Masterplan led planning

The new neighbourhood connects to the existing town via a number of green corridors that in turn create a network of public open spaces through the development.

Grove Gardens has been secured through an outline planning application and supporting Environmental Impact Assessment that received approval in January 2021.

Green Infrastructure and Design Coding

Phased development of Grove Gardens will be guided by a Design Code that has a strong landscape focus that draws from a comprehensive Green Infrastructure Strategy for the overall site; creating a sustainable neighbourhood that supports the existing town and high quality open space to limit pressure on more sensitive coastal areas.

Project team