Tunbridge Wells


2014 — present






Landscape Planning and ES, Masterplan and Design, 3D, Consultation, tender and construction drawings.


RIBA stage 2-5

We took Knights Wood from inception to delivering the final details on site. Our initial brief was to assist with the ‘landscape’ part of the masterplanning, helping define the key areas and opportunities that already existed in this sensitive site.

Through LVIA, we created a series of principles that fed through into the masterplan- creating green routes around the hillside that would mitigate sensitive views and help integrate the proposed housing into the surrounding landscape setting.

Following this, we set to work designing these spaces in more detail, providing both hard and soft details for a number of public spaces and plazas. We developed a unique planting mix alongside the local authority that would thrive in this location, and consist of native and naturally regenerative species.

We prepared a LEMP (Landscape and Ecology Management Plan) for the surrounding ancient woodlands- – this would protect conserve and enhance these woodlands whilst using them to help educate the local school children- the future generations of Knights Wood.