Tunbridge Wells


2017 - 2021






Landscape Architecture


Inception to detailed design

Define provided landscape architecture services for this prestigious and historic townscape in Tunbridge Wells. The existing site consists of a 1960’s building (Union House) that had a reputation as a local eyesore and was surrounded by a streetscape uncharacteristic of ‘The Pantiles’ Conservation Area.

The new proposals redevelop the building into a mix of apartments with a vibrant ground floor including restaurants and shops, all looking out onto a new public square.

"The knowledge of man is as the waters, some descending from above, and some springing from beneath; the one informed by the light of nature, the other inspired by divine revelation"

- Francis Bacon

Our designs for the public square transform the existing road into a shared surface whilst locating an all important new focal point and destination at the end of the Pantiles- with a concept based on cascading water. This creates a much needed and enhanced pedestrian experience at the end of an existing beautiful historic landscape.

We worked closely with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Water in the Wells to deliver a public realm design that contained sympathetic materials alongside detailing relevant to the local vernacular and history of the site. Our designs included a central water sculpture that was used to gain planning permission, and then form the basis of a competition to find a public artist.

Next steps

Working alongside architects Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios, Define helped solve this long-standing jigsaw puzzle and were able to submit a full detailed planning application which received consent in Spring 2017. The project is due for completion in 2021.

Project team